The Slip N Slides are being unrolled, the farmer tan is making its seasonal debut, and that means it's time for my prices to melt like your flip flops on the hot asphalt. This 40% off sale ends Friday so don't miss out! Enter coupon code SUMMERTIME inside the shopping cart.
My collaborative project, "YHWH", has been entered into the Music Bed Film Fest. This is an awesome opportunity for the video to be seen by a whole new audience. A "People's Choice" award will be given to the video with the most votes so please take a second and vote here. You can vote with as many email addresses as you have access to but only once per email address. Currently the video is in 1st place in the animation category!

You can download the video for free here
Vol 2 of our ever-expanding library of countdowns and motions is now available. It contains 16 Motions and 4 countdowns for only $17. Check it out!
The team and I have been hard at work on five new mini-movies that are a few months out from wrapping. But in the meantime I've put together a collection of motion loops and countdowns to make your worship service more beautiful.

The collection contains 13 Motion Loops and 5 Five Minute Countdown Timers for only $17. Check it out!
Happy Easter from the Stevers
I’ve been lucky enough to be making videos to help churches share the gospel for a decade now. It's been an amazing adventure and I don't know where God is going to take me next but I am so thankful for your continued support along this journey. It’s a joy to be able to serve you, your church, and your community.

May you be renewed and strengthened in the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

Why I'm Not Making Easter Videos

Here's a bit of bad news: I will not be releasing any new Easter mini-movies this year. But the reason is not a scandalous one and I hope that you’ll understand this decision of mine. Allow me to explain.

The church media cycle is a very predictable one: traffic and sales spike at Christmas and Easter every year like clockwork as churches up their production values knowing that lots of guests and first timers will be pouring through their doors. As such, those who produce media for churches make a considerable effort to produce new content to meet the demand.

For nine years I’ve consistently put out new Christmas and Easter content, sometimes at the expense of my health (I have chronic pain issues that I’ve dealt with my whole...

Cain and Abel both brought offerings to the Lord but only Abel’s was accepted. Why did God reject Cain’s offering? This mini-movie looks at the principal of the firstfruit and why it is so crucial in how we approach giving. This video could be used in conjunction with a tithing message (ie - Putting God first in your finances) but the concept of giving God the first and the best extends to every aspect of our lives. God doesn’t accept leftovers; God must be first.

This mini-movie was inspired by the book "The Blessed Life" by Robert Morris. I highly recommend it if you want to dive deeper into the topic of the firstfruits, giving, or stewardship.

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