"Ascension" Coming Soon...
The ascension is perhaps Jesus Christ's most puzzling act on earth. Why does it matter and what does it really mean for us?

This project has been in the works for three months and I'm thrilled to unveil it soon. 
Everyday we are bombarded with unsolicited invitations: spam, 30 second ads, junkmail, and telemarketers. But since those invitations come from people who aren't a part of our lives we end up ignoring or deleting them.

The invitations that matter the most come from people who are invested in our lives. So when it comes to church inviting, a billboard, a web ad, a flyer stuck on the bulletin board at Starbucks is never going to be as powerful as a personal invitation from a friend.

This video is a reminder about the power of a personal invitation.

“Son of Man” was created to tell the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Often times at Easter we focus solely on Christ's death and resurrection and in doing so miss the larger narrative of Christ's life. For this project I wanted to pull the camera back and show a more complete picture of Jesus' ministry. He is not simply a man on a cross, he is the Son of Man.

The incredible animator, Phil Borst, crafted the story and brought this project to life. This video is a testament to both his skill as an animator and his heart to share the gospel.

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45

A few months back I heard a talk from Tim Keller that changed the way I read the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, and I knew I had to share it in my own way. The idea of seeing Christ throughout the Old Testament was a revelation for me that changed the way I view the Bible's stories and characters.
After months of working on this project with animator Phil Borst I am thrilled to present "True and Better". May it help you to see Christ throughout the Bible and may it change your life like it has mine.
The central issue in our walk with God is not sin management but rather it is the understanding of who we are in Christ. Our identity is not defined by our failures or by our past but by Christ’s work on the cross.
Mini-movie #48 is a whimsical adventure through the Ten Commandments, the basis of western civilization. Included with your purchase are a package of graphics to help enhance your sermon or series because I've always adherred to the rule: "Thou shalt include a ton of bonus content with every video".
This is a very personal mini-movie that I begun last year after the death of a family member. I pray that you are able to use it as an encouragement for those in your life that are struggling to come to terms with death. 
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