Heaven's Anthem - Monday
Work on "Heaven's Anthem", a video based on Revelation 5, is wrapping up today. It will be released on Monday! The video will be a powerful worship intro as it points to the ultimate moment of worship when all of creation proclaims:
“To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, forever and ever!”
Release Schedule
You may have noticed it's been rather quiet on the site for a few months now. Part of the reason is due to my family relocating across the country so my wife can pursue her PhD in Linguistics, and the other factor has been that the production timelines for some of my projects have gotten pushed back in order to give them some extra polish, because after all, if it's worth saying then it's worth taking the extra time to say it right (I think a wise tree told me that).

So the site is going to have a slew of new videos posted in the next three months and I thought I'd share the release schedule and a little info about each project. 

Heaven's Anthem - Nov 3

A paraphrase of one of my favorite passages in scripture, Revelation 5, in which all of creation worships Jesus. This will be a perfect element to use at the start of worship to point people towards the moment when every creature "in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and in the sea and all that is in them" worships the lamb. We can live into that reality right here, right now!

Seek - Late Nov

We celebrate God's presence on earth at Christmas time but when Jesus was born the people that experienced his presence were those who were willing to seek it out. This video is an exhortation to seek after God during the Christmas season because He has promised that those who seek after Him will find Him.

The King Is Come - Late Nov

A Christmas video that celebrates the birth of Jesus as the return of the king. He is the true king who came to bring an end to the reign of sin and death and establish a new kingdomon earth. "There is no shelter from the king, but there is shelter in the king."

YHWH - Dec 1

This project started out with a simple vision: to turn a beautiful poem into an animated video. God had much bigger plans for this project and has turned it into something I could never have dreamed. 11 uniquely gifted animators and myself have come together to bring this poem to life. These animators have credits that include work on Game of Thrones, Tron, Pacific Rim, World War Z and more. But I saved the best part for last, this video will be a free resource to help you and your church share the gospel with your community during the Christmas season!

Firstfruits - Early January

I was reading a book called "The Blessed Life" and God opened my eyes to how I could truly honor God through my giving (turns out I was doing it wrong!). The concept of firstfruits is referenced throughout the Bible but I had never heard it explained in a practial way before. This video is my way of explaining the concept of firstfruits in a beautiful, applicable, and compelling way. The concept of putting God first goes far beyond our finances, it's about putting God first in every aspect of our lives.
Me & My Zombie
Earlier this year I wrote an article, that ended up being more of a confessional, about a conflict that all artists in ministry experience. I wanted to share it here in the hopes that God might speak through my story.

There's a temptation for those of us in ministry to give the appearance that we've got our act together and that we are completely selfless servants for Christ. But often appearances are deceiving. Here's my story.
When you make yourself open to God's leadings He can take you some pretty unexpected places. I definitely did not set out to make a video on Christ's ascension but God kept gently leading me back to a chapter about Christ's ascension in a book called "Encounters With God" by Tim Keller. I was struck by the life-changing implications of the ascension and also noticed a void in the church when it comes to material on the ascension. This video is the fruit of four months of work. I hope you are encouraged by its message.
As Back To Church Sunday approaches, now is a great time to start talking about church invites. "Invitations" is a reminder about the power of a personal invitation.

“Son of Man” was created to tell the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Often times at Easter we focus solely on Christ's death and resurrection and in doing so miss the larger narrative of Christ's life. For this project I wanted to pull the camera back and show a more complete picture of Jesus' ministry. He is not simply a man on a cross, he is the Son of Man.

The incredible animator, Phil Borst, crafted the story and brought this project to life. This video is a testament to both his skill as an animator and his heart to share the gospel.

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45

A few months back I heard a talk from Tim Keller that changed the way I read the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, and I knew I had to share it in my own way. The idea of seeing Christ throughout the Old Testament was a revelation for me that changed the way I view the Bible's stories and characters.
After months of working on this project with animator Phil Borst I am thrilled to present "True and Better". May it help you to see Christ throughout the Bible and may it change your life like it has mine.
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