Many church planning teams are knee deep in empty Starbucks cups and Costco sandwich trays fervently planning the greatest Easter service of all-time.

In order to help those teams out (I've been there many times!) I'm putting all of my Easter content on sale. This sale is for a limited time so don't let it pass you by and make a triumphal exit. Sorry, I couldn't help it. Check it out!

Seeking Mobile App Feedback
I’ve been repeatedly asked about making a mobile app for my mini-movies over the past few years. I’ve begun brainstorming some ideas about how it could work but my little brain can’t begin to think of all the possibilities for an app like this on its own. So here's where you come in; I would love your input!

I’d love to know how you would like to use this app?

In what setting would you see the greatest potential for application: personal devotional times, evangelism, small groups, or corporate church gatherings?

What is a fair price point or revenue model for the usage that you’re proposing?

Send your feeback to me here.

I want to make an app that does exactly what you want it to do. If I like your ideas...

Cain and Abel both brought offerings to the Lord but only Abel’s was accepted. Why did God reject Cain’s offering? This mini-movie looks at the principal of the firstfruit and why it is so crucial in how we approach giving. This video could be used in conjunction with a tithing message (ie - Putting God first in your finances) but the concept of giving God the first and the best extends to every aspect of our lives. God doesn’t accept leftovers; God must be first.

This mini-movie was inspired by the book "The Blessed Life" by Robert Morris. It has forever changed how I approach giving and I highly recommend it if you want to dive deeper into the topic of the firstfruits, giving, or stewardship.


I began the journey on "YHWH" six months ago when I came across a YouTube video of a poet from the UK named Sh'maya performing a piece of spoken word. There was something about the poem that grabbed me, it was majestic yet authentic and raw, and I felt God leading me to pursue this poem as my next project. I contacted the poet, Sh'maya, and told him I'd love to turn his poem into an animated short film. After alleviating some of the natural concerns an artist has when handing their creation over to another artist, he was in. I was excited. He was excited. And then everything proceeded to fall apart.

Every animator I offered the project to said that they absolutely loved the poem but couldn't take on such a huge project....

There is a King above all kings, a King behind all kings, and the greatest earthly kings are but dim reflections of the True King. This Christmas let's celebrate the coming of the King!
Jesus's presence is constant and available but it must be sought out. This was true for the shepherds and wisemen and it's true for us today. Through his Holy Spirit he draws near to those who draw near to him and he promises that those who seek will find him.

Includes 12 stills (JPEG and Layered PSDs), 4 motion backgrounds, and a five-minute countdown at no extra charge!
Over the past few months God has been stoking a fire in me to do a project based on Revelation 5. It's an incredible moment at the end of history in which every person, angel, and creature in God's creation worships Jesus Christ, the Lamb who was slain. This is heaven's anthem that will be sung for all of eternity.

This mini-movie can be used as a part of a worship service as a way to point people towards this ultimate reality that is coming when every person is going to proclaim the name of Jesus. We have the opportunity to live into that reality here and now.
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