Character Animation
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Learn how to bring a character to life in After Effects.


Bible Squishies Animation Pack


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David Moreno Says:

Excellent Excellent Work !!
Thanks for your Tutorials !!
God Bless you !!!

Awesome job Dan! I first thought it is some kind of a 3D animation. Unbelievable job in After effects! God bless you!

Can’t wait to try out the puppet tool! Excellent tutorial, thanks.

Excellent,God bless you more .,Thank you for the tutorials

good tut.I think when you animate the arm you better use curve motion path instead of linear path

Great Job, love the squishies. try holding command or control and move a puppet pin, it moves time and allows you to animate, play with it, it is nice for moves like your wave and head movement. Keep up the good work.

Dan Stevers Says:

That’s a great tip! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Dan! It’s helped very much. I don’t know english very well but even without 100% knowledge of language ALL is clear.

You’re the Master, good job.

Great video! Amazing tutorial, Thanks!

Great tutorial. I have followed all your church videos and loved them. When you do a character animation but don’t want to create the character in Photoshop, where do you go to buy high-quality PSD’s (or other file format)?

Ya it’s a great tutorial. Defiantly I’m going to use it for my sunday school’s kids, They gonna love it BRo! thanks a lot for project file! God Bless you& Your Work!!!!

Andrea Jessen Says:

Admiro mucho su trabajo! Tienes algo para niños en español?

Leucothea Says:

That’s amazing to let us know all of this. Thank you a lot. I am moving from only video work to Premiere + After Effect just thanks to people like you who are sharing their knowledge. That’s awesome.

pravda mush Says:

This is a gift from god, i came here to buy this squishes and found them from free. God bless your days on the earth my friend.

Hey Dan fantastic work, thanks so much for sharing all your techniques they have been a huge help in teaching me this software. You are very inspiring. Question: How did you actually make the character in the first place? It looks as though he was molded out of clay and photographed or something

Dan Stevers Says:

Go download my “Bible Squishies” freebie and inside the folder you’ll find a tutorial that shows you how to make your own characters.

hi Dan, thanks for tutorial this is helpfull ..Gbu

Hector Eliel Says:

Wow,gracias por aportar de manera gratuita principios para desarrollar el arte digital,DIOS te bendiga en creatividad aun mas de lo que has pedido o imaginado,gracias por equipar a las iglesias con lo que DIOS te ha dado.
P.D. me fascinan tus vídeos :)

Que programa es el que usas para darle animacion a tus imagenes?

Richard Allmen Says:

Great stuff Mr. Stevers. Your an easy instructor whom keeps my attention, Thanks.

i use split effect for mouth ….I put a solid behind.. and animate the split

you are great and God will give u more wisdom of greater high

Hi – I hope you are open to a little constructive criticism.

It is great that you are offering this tutorial.

You go so fast it is hard for a person to learn. You have to continually stop and rewind because you go so fast.

If you included the ae file it would be really great because with the photoshop file you are really starting from scratch with your own real art.

Good luck with your characters and thanks again for doing this tutorial.

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