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Learn how to do a killer mechanical type transition in After Effects.



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13 Responses to “Mechanically-Built”

Thank you! Great tutorial on this transition effect.

Yes Thank you very much for the tips. I learned alot of thing

Very nice. Thank you Dan

Really cool. Just used part of it for a project I am working on. Thanks so much for this Dan.

Thank you so much for your tutorials! This is a great effect that I can’t wait to use. Also, so glad you are using your gifts to bring God more glory! Thanks again!

awesome tutorials thank you so much
make more!


Thank so much for this tutorial. I’m a pastor of small growing church and used this for a promo for our youth. tell me what you think …God Bless

Dolapo Adebayo David Says:

first i want to say is that your tutorials are the best and most helpful ones i’ve come across. its hard getting quality resources here in Nigeria. thanks
i went over this tutorial and downloaded the the project file that has the wipes but they just dont import into my after effects, also tried playing them with normal players but all i see is a blank white screen (no wipes). did i download the wrong file or something? or am i doing something wrong??

What a great tutorials !!!! God has blessed you with the knowledge… Keep doing it bro…keep making awesome things…. Those who know the pain of doing such things know the greatness of its work… God bless ya lot more…

2030 – lol

Marco Alvarado Says:

I’m very thankfull for this tutorial, but you mantion that this come from “The Lord’s Pray”. My question is how did you make the rest of the animation, if you have some tutorial that I can pay to learnd how did you make it. Thanks


This was so helpful! I was given fairly epic VO on a Wednesday morning to open for a men’s conference on Friday evening. It’s always a bit daunting to stare at a blank screen with limited time to create and audio that could basically shake the room by itself. Bad visuals could kill it. Thanks for making your resources available along with the tutorials. It often makes such a difference when the time crunch is at its worst. Thank you!

Loved how detailed and methodical your tutorial was. I know particular is an expensive 3rd party plugin, I would still would like to know how you created the custom wipe with it.

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