Porcelain Christmas Video Pack
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The Porcelain Christmas Video Pack is a free collection of motions and still graphics created by Dan Stevers.




  • 17 Video Clips & 5 Still Graphics
  • Perfect for Song Backgrounds or Custom Video Pieces
  • Includes Mattes for Compositing
  • 720p
  • MPEG-4
  • Attribution Non-Commercial License



Thank You


My ministry exists to serve the local church and these freebies are my way of saying thank you to all of you who have supported it over the years.

21 Responses to “Porcelain Christmas Video Pack”

Thank you Dan. I will see if I can make something by Christmas. All depends on time.

I think you are super talented.

Grace Generation Church, Northern Ireland Says:

Stunning work!

Felipe Espanhol Says:

Man, your works are absolutely fantastic. I’m still a beginner in this world of post production and you turned a design reference for me.

Thank you! :)

Thanks and Greetings from Sicily!

thx dan God bless you! we need in spanish too pliz! :)

Thank you for creating with beauty and excellence . . .and for sharing.

David Distler Says:

Thank you for this very nice work Dan!

Thank you so much Dan for this amazing resource! Here is a link to the promotional video I made for our upcoming Christmas service using this .


thank you Dan Stevers

esta pagina no la avia visitado me gusto mucho

Chris Spracklen Says:

Many thanks, Dan.
Keep up the great work and may God bless you afresh this Christmas.
In His love and grace, Chris.


God bless you Dan Stevers, greetings from Puerto Rico..

Thanks you Dan Stevers for your gracious gift.

Girlie Juralbal Says:

Thanks Dan for your gifted talent and sharing it with the world. Praise God! Supporting all the way from Lae, Papua New Guinea. God bless you more. =) To GOD be the Glory!

Thank you for your generosity.

John Mariano Says:

Thank You so much for all this wonderful tools you are sharing. God Bless You and your family…

Thank you so much Dan!

Thks Dan, it is an awesome material your giving us. :-)

Thank you so much for your generosity and the free video!
And wow, I look forward very much to the new video on the life of Jesus without words.
BTW, “True and Better” is perfect and we used it to kick off our “Abide” campaign where we are reading the Bible in one year. It was a perfect video to illustrate that for our congregation.


Thanks so much for sharing. Great job!

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