Solving the Pre-Comping Nightmare
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A tutorial that addresses the inherent problems in duplicating comps in After Effects.


Features a script: True Comp Duplicator from

5 Responses to “Solving the Pre-Comping Nightmare”

wow for the longest time i felt like Pre-Comping in After Effects was like INCEPTION lol…thanks a lot for this man

Ashleigh Latter Says:

Hey Dan,

I really love your stuff and I’m wanting to get into making videos for the church and youth group that I am involved with. What program did you use and how can I learn to get really good at making some videos?

Cool (:

Dan Stevers Says:

Ashleigh, I use Adobe After Effects and Final Cut to make my videos.

سلام خوب بود

I really enjoy to watch your tutorials. Just thanks to you.

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