The Handmade Look Pt 2
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Learn how to create motion graphics with a handmade aesthetic in After Effects.


Paint It Black Pro


Cloud Texture


The Handmade Look Pt 1

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Thank you again Dan. This tutorial really has a lot of good info in it to learn from. I am sorry for your loss. I hope that it is only temporary.

Absolutely love the insider views. I’m trying to do more with Blender, the open-source 3d modeller, and this really gives me some insight into your process. Thanks.
I love supporting someone who makes high quality videos. I have not been disappointed by one of your movies. If I see it on sermon spice, I come straight to your site. Hope that helps you more.
Thanks again.

you have been sent to earth to share your knowledge to people like me who can’t afford to go to college. Thank you Dan Stevers ! cheers from NY.

hola como estas
los tutoriales me parecen fantasticos, pero queria preguntar donde puedo conseguir este programa, llevo mucho rato descargando pero no me funcionan en el compu puedes ayudarme?

Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic tutorial! I feel inspired, can’t wait to get creating!

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