The Handmade Look Pt 1
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Learn how to create motion graphics with a handmade aesthetic in After Effects.


*Paint It Black Pro was recently updated to version 1.1 with the new Paint Roller textures so if you don’t have these textures in your collection you can re-download Part 4 of the download to get the new textures

Watch “Evermore”

Paper Texture

Paint It Black Pro

The Handmade Look Pt 2

8 Responses to “The Handmade Look Pt 1”

Where did you get your grass jpg from? This tut is awesome, it is exactly what I am going to use for the one I am working on for Sunday.

Dan Stevers Says:

It’s made using a free photoshop brush.

Thanks, for putting it up for me.

Great brother! Thank you for sharing your talent! God bless you

Hello, first good work with the videos, you give me some ideas to complete a video for my church, the only problem is that i do it in Motion 5. if is posible to do a tutorial of motion5 i will be really grateful. God bless you :)

I’m sorry but I don’t use Motion.

aa :( , ok i will do my best try to use your tutorials in motion and greetings from Colombia 😀

Hey Dan! I was wondering, do you use a Mac Book Pro or an iMac? I currently have a MBP and my frame rate keeps dropping when I work on things. And does more RAM help out in AE?

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