Trapcode Particular Essentials
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Covers the essentials of Trapcode Particular, a particle generating plug-in for After Effects that also happens to be the greatest plug-in of all-time!


Trapcode Particular


Dust – 2:35
Rain – 9:40
Snow – 14:50
Sparks – 18:44
Firework – 23:03
Layer Emitters – 25:34
Custom Particles – 31:40
Snow w/ Custom Particles – 36:25
Light Emitters – 41:41

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Awesome as always! Thank you.

Dan, I really like your work! I have required this tutorial and you help me again! Thx!! :D

sometimes I wonder about why/how you know all that stuff… :) thanks!

Hi, I was wondering like how are you making these animation videos.

Great tutorial, I tried to do the stuff with the photoshop layers. There I got stuck. Could you just tell me what you did to get the photoshop layer.

kind regerda


can u do this!!! if so..please upload tutorial on this..

Increíble guias Gracias por tus buenos consejos he aprendido mucho.. :) Bendiciones

HI Dan
Thanks for your tutorials
May Our Lord Jesus Bless You
Continue with your great work

Includes the requirements of Trapcode Particular, a compound producing plug-in for After Results that also happens to be the biggest plug-in of all-time!

thx your tutorial Dan,
(Parlinden Malau)

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