Trapcode Particular Essentials
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Covers the essentials of Trapcode Particular, a particle generating plug-in for After Effects that also happens to be the greatest plug-in of all-time!


Trapcode Particular


Dust – 2:35
Rain – 9:40
Snow – 14:50
Sparks – 18:44
Firework – 23:03
Layer Emitters – 25:34
Custom Particles – 31:40
Snow w/ Custom Particles – 36:25
Light Emitters – 41:41

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Awesome as always! Thank you.

Dan, I really like your work! I have required this tutorial and you help me again! Thx!! 😀

sometimes I wonder about why/how you know all that stuff… :) thanks!

Hi, I was wondering like how are you making these animation videos.

Great tutorial, I tried to do the stuff with the photoshop layers. There I got stuck. Could you just tell me what you did to get the photoshop layer.

kind regerda


can u do this!!! if so..please upload tutorial on this..

Increíble guias Gracias por tus buenos consejos he aprendido mucho.. :) Bendiciones

HI Dan
Thanks for your tutorials
May Our Lord Jesus Bless You
Continue with your great work

Includes the requirements of Trapcode Particular, a compound producing plug-in for After Results that also happens to be the biggest plug-in of all-time!

thx your tutorial Dan,
(Parlinden Malau)

Thanks for the great tutorial. I have a question about the tree animation: you start out keyframing the Emitter particles/sec at a high value, then later set it to zero. When I follow along with this, when the preview hits the zero keyframe, the number of existing leaves shifts dramatically. So the frame before the zero keyframe is a lush full tree, then the next frame, where the zero keyframe is, I lose about half my leaves. This is about six seconds in and particle life is set to 15 seconds. I’m sure the problem is between the chair and the keyboard, but I cannot figure out what I am missing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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