Winter Themed Video Pack
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Winter’s Daybreak Video Pack is a free collection of winter themed video clips from Dan Stevers.



  • Over Twenty Individual Clips
  • Perfect for Song Backgrounds or Custom Video Pieces
  • Contains Rain, Snow, and Plain Variations
  • 720p
  • MPEG-4 Format
  • Attribution Non-Commercial License

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34 Responses to “Winter Themed Video Pack”

Wow, this is amazing. THANK YOU!

Excellent! Thank you Dan.

Rockin’. Thanks!

Thanks Dan – this is good stuff !

Thanks for sharing. Stuff looks great!

Good stuff. Thanks Dan.

Thanks…and as always incredible stuff!!

Very Cool indeed. Thank you!

Thanks, Dan, for sharing! What a blessing to others & to God!

Luis Garcia Says:

Awesome, thanks for sharing Dan

Fantastic! So generous!

Incredible quality! Thanks Dan.

ummmm…. these are incredible and perfect for what i need them for.

Thank you!!! What a great job and so generous to offer them for free!

Thanks so much for offering these!

Thanks so much for sharing these motion videos, Dan! They are really beautiful.

Thank you so much! What an incredible offer!

Graeme Moodie Says:

Very nicely made! Gonna use for a video Christmas card!

Jennice Lee Says:

You’re just soooo awesome!! God bless you and your ministry :)

Thank you soo much would love to use it for my church.. God bless

graciassssssss por la bendicion!!!!!!!!

Dios les bendiga a todos.
Por favor que programa de vídeo me recomiendan,así mas o menos al estilo de Dan y si no es así, por lo menos que tengo un estilo de película.

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic, thanks for the blessing. I’ll use them as “backgrounds” to: “prophesy, read Scripture and other videos”.

Wow, this is very magically. Amazing inspirations.

Dan, your work is inspiring. Thanks for being generous as well.

Man you are amazing , keep it up really great work

Thank you Brother, may our Lord keep blessing your life and ministry.

Charlotte Anne Turrietta Says:

Love your ministry. Thanks

Thanks for all of this. God bless you. :)

Hey, this is awesome. Thank you, God bless.

Hi Dan! i just made a music video of my song from the work you allowed to download for free. Thank you very much! here is the link: thank you you are a great artist! <3

Super! Really great. Will continue to watch your works. And of course, a lot thanks for great video loop. Lp.

Dan, I really love your stuff. Your short videos have great depth, and I love using them in my church. Thanks for all the outstanding free resources as well, they are incredible! I direct my friends your way often.

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