Write-On Magic
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Learn how to make your designs write themselves onto the scene. It’s easier than you think!


Watch “God-o-nomics”

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ever played with scribble? Thanks for the tute, and all you do.

Dan Stevers Says:

You can see the scribble effect in my video, “Prayer”. It’s not a very versatile effect though so I rarely use it.

Timothy Carl Ellis Says:

Hey Dan!
I would just like to say how much of a blessing you are to the world of motion graphics!
Your work is stunning! Thanks for the tuts!
God bless

Hi Dan!!
Love your work… U are a gift to this Rookie. Thanks for helping us
learn more of AF after each Video I love AF more.
Hey did you to school for this?


Dan Stevers Says:

I have my Bachelor’s degree in art but I taught myself animation and film production.

thanks for the text tip, took me a second but i was able to figure out how to fill the text like you did in Gog-o-nomics…i had to duplicate the text with the stroke effect, then i took off the stroke on the duplicate text and then i was able to do apply the transfer mode to be able to fill it with some color


is there an easier way to do it?

thanks again bro

grace and peace,

Hyde Zhong Says:

Great job !

joy's helpfull Says:

hei good work again!
my personal favourite is the mini “foundation” video!
Can you just make a tutorial about this kind of stuff?!
Would be fantastic!

Hola soy de Argentina.. estudio diseño gráfico y multimedia y la verdad que es genial como desarrollas los contenidos y las ideas de los mini-films.
Es difícil encontrar gente que se dedique a fluir el arte y Dios a través de este medio y que lo haga con esta excelencia..
apoyo tu trabajo desde argentina y sos un referente para todos aquellos q estamos en esto sin duda..
Muy buena idea traducir los films a español .. son de mucha edificación.. espero que puedas traducir mas.. son verdaderamente geniales y super funcionales!
Dios te continúe bendiciendo en este gran proyecto..
mis saludos y admiración para Dan.

thank you dan, it was very helpful
i appreciate

great simple tutorial. I dont why I’ve never thought to use texture alpha mattes like you showed towards the end. I do it all the time in photoshop but for some reason never considered using it right in after effects. Thanks!

Thank you so much for showing how this effect works. I was going to try the whole pen in the image. lol. Might have wasted days doing that.

I was wondering, did you use the puppet tool for your intro on the butterflies? I want to learn how to make a bird fly. Thanks for all your tutorials. I really appreciate it as well as others I’m sure. The way you show how to do something is understandable.

I was wondering since I am new to after effects. Is there away to get a few plugins with out buying a whole bundle? I was to get like trap code and element 3D environment effect.

aquacrayon Says:

I dont get it :( what is the video making thing called? i really need to make a video that doesnt require anything hard, i want to make an animation video but it doesnt work, (ima kid) i need to make a video for my project on -how to save more energy and waste less- im already trying to create a website, its too hard, id rather give up

aquacrayon Says:

that is not my picture

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