Here’s an updated development timeline as of May 6th. The current timeline puts us on track for a launch date around mid to late June. Thanks for your continued patience as we work on the new site. It's been a huge undertaking rebuilding the site from the ground up but we’re so excited to share the new site with you soon!
-[2 Weeks] Remaining Pre-Launch Development
-[3 Days] Intensive Internal Quality Assurance
-[1-2 Weeks] Dan Quality Assurance
-[1-2 Weeks] Final QA Cleanup
-[1 Week ] Final Server Prep & Migration

It's been a month or so since the last site update and I apologize for the radio silence. We're currently problem solving some issues with the new servers that's holding up file processing and once that's resolved I'll have a few thousand files to process & keyword tag before the launch of the new site and brand. Just to clarify, the new site will launch featuring the same content currently on my site. Once the new brand and new site has launched we're going to be entering a second phase of development that will bring 3rd party producers and new types of content to the site. I'll have updates on 3rd party producer integration once the site has launched and the dust has settled. I'll post an updated launch timeline once the server issue has been resolved and processing of files has begun.

May's motion packs, "LED" and "Modern Pastel", are now available. Check them out!
Easter is a time when visitors find their way through church doors all around the world. With the devastating year we’ve experienced these visitors will be arriving weary, heartbroken, angry, or skeptical of God’s presence in their life. But churches tend to have a reputation of being places where we have to hide our struggles and put on a happy face so we can fit in when in reality our lives are falling apart.
“Revealed” shares the message that people can bring their true selves, their hurts, and their questions before God and be a part of a church community that will welcome them as they are. My prayer is that this video can be a message of hope to a hurting world and that people will find a safe, loving community in your church this Easter.

Also available in Spanish.
"Terrascapes" features evolving ink loops with a topographic aesthetic.
New Site Progress Update (2/24)
For the past few weeks the development team has been working around the clock to get the new website ready for launch. But as we’ve been working on the site and watching the March 1st release date quickly approaching we’ve been faced with difficult decisions about which features to cut from the launch build of the website to hit our release date. Losing one or two site features at launch isn’t a big deal as we’d add those in shortly after launch, but as we’ve been looking at having to cut more and more features to hit our release date the team and I have come to the decision that it’s in the site’s best interest to move the release date back to allow for more development time so that the site can launch with the full list of features we had laid out at the start of development back in September. We don’t want to launch an underbaked version of the site and put our users in the roles of beta testers on an untested and unfinished site. You deserve a stable, complete, and polished website on day one.
We know that's bad news for many who have been eagerly anticipating the new site but in the meantime we thought we'd share with you some of the features that we're working so hard on for the new site:
Searching Taxonomies
Search for individual assets like motions, stills or anything on the site based on an extensive list of filters so you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for. Search by color, energy level, visual theme, music key, and more!
Favorites & Collections
"Like" any file on the site to easily find later or create collections of individual motion loops, mini-movies, or anything on the site to get all of your media assembled and ready to go for Sunday morning. For example, you could plan out your month by making media collections for each weekend and simply download that week's collection on Sunday morning with one click. No more frantic media searches ten minutes before the service starts!
Pro Video Codec
For pro users who want the highest quality video files we'll be offering ProRes LT versions of our motions and mini-movies moving forward.
"Add to Dropbox"
Want to save files directly to your dropbox? No problem. Now you'll be able to save those big, unruly motion packs to your Dropbox in one click.
Faster Downloads
We've removed the duct tape and chewing gum and upgraded our servers so you'll see noticeably faster, more responsive downloads at launch.

New Producers Coming Soon
The new site will still feature Dan Stevers' content but in addition to Dan's work you'll soon have access to a whole new library of resources from hand-selected creators who we think you'll love. All this at no extra charge for subscribers. The site will launch with the full Dan Stevers media library that will continue to grow but throughout the year we'll be adding the new producers to the site to transform the site into a curated collection of some of the best media resources available for churches. We're so excited for you to meet the new creators!
The updated plan is to launch the new site and new brand after Easter. This will give us some breathing room to launch after the Easter rush has subsided.
We know the delay isn’t great news but the silver lining is that if you aren’t a subscriber you have a little more time to lock in the lowest $179 rate on a membership before the price nearly doubles at launch to $300. With the new site features and new content coming soon a subscription will offer even more value to churches. Current subscribers will keep their renewals rates when the new site launches.
We’re sorry to have to make you wait a little longer to see what we've been working on but we hope that when you see the new site you’ll appreciate all of the love and care that’s gone into it. We can’t wait to share the new site, new brand, and our new vision with you!
New Site, New Brand, New Content. (1/1)
Back in 2009 I started as a portfolio site to showcase the work I was doing at my local church and to attract more freelance work, which to be honest, I wasn't all that happy doing because I wanted to be pursuing my own projects. After my site launched I began receiving inquiries from other churches who didn't have a media person at their own church and wanted to use more media in their church so I tacked on a little store to my site to facilitate that. Fast forward eleven years and my little portfolio site has grown into something bigger than I ever could’ve imagined with more than 47,000 churches using my media, 450+ products in seven languages, and collaborators all over the world. As my site outgrew its original purpose it also became apparent that I had outgrown the brand. I never set out to make myself my brand, it just sort of happened and to be honest it never felt quite right. I'm a very introverted person and I love being behind the scenes, not in the spotlight. When I started the site all I wanted to do was to make beautiful art that pointed people to Jesus, not make it about myself. So after months of work I’m excited to share that I’ll be debuting my new brand along with a completely rebuilt website March 1st.

When the new brand launches I’ll still be producing short films and worship backgrounds but over the course of 2021 the site will expand to offer fresh new types of content to help churches communicate the gospel.

When the new site launches in February the subscription rate will increase, but the good news is that right now you can grab a membership for only $179 and get grandfathered into the $125 renewal rate moving forward.

If you're currently subscribed to the All Access Pass your rate will not change moving forward. You don't need to do anything to lock your rate in except for not cancel your membership. If you cancel at any point moving forward you'll be subject to the new rates if you want to resubscribe. All current subscribers will get access to the new content coming to the site and your rate will not change. So congrats on getting in early, I can't wait to share what we've been working on!

I'm so excited about next year and I can’t wait to share more about the new brand, the new site, and the new content coming soon. Thank you for allowing me to serve your church and I look forward to partnering with you to share the gospel in 2021 and beyond.

Dan Stevers