Easter 2019 Update
This Easter we're introducing our first ever narrative motion pack that tells the story of the passion through abstract imagery. Each loop in the pack tells a different part of the story. Set these motions to a song with the theme of death and resurrection and create a beautiful moment in your service.
We're also going to be releasing a short film based on the same visuals so you'll have the option to show the short film, use the loops with a worship song, or both! We're aiming to have both the motions and the short film available for download by the end of March.
Thank you for your continued support. It is an absolute honor being able to serve your church community.
Brand new longplay naturescapes are here along with a new service starter.
New for February are some beautiful coastal motions along with a new service opener.
Start off the year with these smokin' hot motions! A free matching service starter is also available. Grab a membership and get downloading.
Our beautiful new Christmas video "Silence & Fury" is out now. We've also included bonus matching motion backgrounds and countdown timer to unifiy your service visuals. Make sure to grab a subscription to get the most out of our media this Christmas.
November's low-key nature pack is available for download. Grab a subscription and download it and 34 motion packs for one low price.
Christmas is right around the corner so in an effort to help with service planning we've made our December motion packs available right now. Grab a subscription to download all of these packs for free. We're working on a beautiful Christmas mini-movie that will be out in November.