"Sculpted Glass" features 41 slowly evolving glass loops that are perfect for your next streamed service. Use them as backgrounds for bible verses, song lyrics and more!
“To All Our Moms” is a complete Mother's Day package featuring a mini-movie, countdown, service closer, motions, and stills. Also available in Spanish.
Our free new resource, "Blessing in the Chaos", is a great way to close out your live stream and create a quiet, prayerful space.
This easy-to-use live streaming collection will make your live streams more engaging and appealing. Includes a live streaming countdown, opener, closer, and stills.
With the Corona Virus forcing churches to suspend in-person gatherings and switch to live streaming we've put together a collection of media assets to help make your live streams more engaging.
"The Great Divide" is a project that has been on my heart for years. It's a cry for compassion and empathy in a world that is increasingly being consumed by fear and division.
If the video resonates with you please share it. You can help by simply sharing the YouTube Link on social media or you can download the video for free and use it in your church.

The video is also available in Spanish.

Together as a church, as a nation, as a global community, we can cross this great divide. -Dan
An Update From Dan
The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many churches to suspend in-person gatherings and switch to live streaming. To help in this time of crisis we've suspended any need for additional live streaming licenses (normally an additional $5). Churches are free to live stream services containing our content as well as archive those live streams. And just as a reminder, our All Access Pass always includes live streaming licenses for all of our content so even after the outbreak is over you'll still be good to live stream and archive with a membership.