How do I purchase and download my product?
To purchase a product simply add it to your cart in the store section, then create an account, enter your payment info and voila, you'll be downloading in no time.

Can I buy a DVD instead of a digital download?
Our videos are only available as digital downloads.

Will the purchased product be watermarked like the previews?
Absolutely not. Your purchased video file will not contain any watermarks or credits.

Is a purchased video file different from the preview?
The purchased video file is the exact same length as the preview file, only without a watermark and with a license to show it in a public setting. "Preview" simply means that the preview video cannot be shown in a group setting. The video must be purchased to be shown in your church, small group, or conference.

What can I do with the video I just downloaded?
By purchasing a video you or your organization acquire the rights to play our videos in various public and private settings, including church services, small groups and conferences. However, these videos cannot be broadcast via the internet, television, or radio. It is unlawful to copy, duplicate, replicate, redistribute, or re-master any of our content. We offer web licenses to livestream a video or post a mini-movie to a website for an additional fee.

Can I upload the video to my website?
Our standard license does not allow for uploading of our videos to the web (youtube, facebook, church website, etc). We offer web licenses to livestream a video or post a mini-movie to a website for an additional fee. More info

Which format is right for me?
MOV files are usually going to be your best bet; they look and sound better than WMV files but if you're on a PC and are having issues with the MOV files you can try the WMV files.

Does your license cover multi-site usage?
Our license covers the showing of one video in one geographic location. If your church has multiple locations you'll need to purchase a copy of the video for each location where the video is shown. If you need to buy a bulk license send us an email and we'll send you an invoice.

What if I can't get the files to work?
We have a 110% satisfaction moneyback guarantee so if there's an issue we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

By purchasing this product, you agree that you will use it in your organization only. You also agree that any and all items included in this purchase may not be sold or redistributed in any capacity. You can download our full license agreement by clicking here.

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Want to Livestream & Archive A Service Containing Our Content?
Our standard license covers live presentations: churches services, small groups, conferences, or any public gatherings. The standard license does not allow for livestreaming or archiving and requires that our videos be blacked out during livestreams and edited out of archived service videos. By purchasing a streaming license you will be able to livestream and archive our content (see below for archival requirements) so those that are not present at your church service are able to enjoy our videos as part of your service.

  • A streaming license covers a livestream of one mini-movie on one website.
  • Separate license upgrades must be purchased for each video that will be livestreamed during a service.
  • This license does permit archiving of a video but requires a provided DanStevers.com watermark to be overlayed on the video for the duration our content. Archiving without the watermark is not allowed. The watermark cannot be scaled down, moved, or have its opactiy lowered.
  • No watermark is necessary on livestreams
  • If you plan on archiving without livestreaming a streaming license must still be purchased. Watermark is required.
  • Our mini-movies can only be archived as part of an entire service feed and with the watermark over the video for the duration of the video. Our content cannot be posted as individual clips and may be flagged for removal if they are posted in such a way, even with a watermark.
  • This license DOES NOT permit broadcasting feeds to satellite campuses. Multiple copies of the video will need to be purchased for each geographic location where the video appears.
  • DanStevers.com is the only place where you can purchase a livestreaming license. A purchase through a third party site does not permit livestreaming or archiving.
Streaming License Cost: $5
Add a Streaming License to Livestream & Archive:
By purchasing a streaming license you agree to the above terms.
Questions? Email Us
Want to Post a Video to Your Website?
Our standard license covers live presentations: churches services, small groups and conferences. The standard license does not allow for the posting of our content to the web. By purchasing a Web License you’ll be able to post our content to your church or organization’s website.

  • A Web License upgrade allows the posting of one mini-movie to one website
  • Credit to DanStevers.com must appear alongside or underneath the video player
  • Videos must be posted using a native player. Posting the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or any other video sharing site is NOT ALLOWED*
    *Vimeo has a privacy setting called “Hide This Video From Vimeo” which will allows you to embed the video on your website without the video showing up on Vimeo. Posting using this method is permitted.
  • Includes Streaming and Archiving License (click here for details). Watermark required for archived videos. Archived videos can be posted to YouTube/Vimeo with watermark.
  • This license does not permit broadcast over television or any other medium
  • You can add additional info to the beginning or end of a video as long as the video itself remains unedited
Enter Website URL of Hosting Site:
Web License Cost: $49
By purchasing a web license you agree to the above terms.
Questions? Email Us
For churches who will be using videos exclusively in live settings
  • Allows for live presentations at church services, small groups, and conferences at one location
  • Mini-movies must be blacked out during livestreams and edited out of service videos that are posted online
  • No other usage outside of live presentations is covered with the standard license
  • License never expires
For churches who livestream their worship services and/or archive church service videos online
  • Allows for livestreaming of mini-movies as part of a worship service
  • Allows for archiving of mini-movies within a service feed with provided watermark
  • License never expires
For churches or organizations who want to post videos to a website
  • Allows posting of one mini-movie to one website using a native player
  • Posting to video sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook) is not allowed. See "More Info" for exception
  • Includes Streaming License
  • License never expires
Questions? Email Us